Ts grewal solution 2019-20 | Class-12th

Class 12th  -  TS grewal Solution 2019

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Volume 1 

Chapter-1: Financial Statements Of Not For Profit Organisations 

Chapter-2: Accounting For Partnership Firms - Fundamentals

Chapter-3: Nature And Valuation of Goodwill 

Chapter-4: Change In Profit Sharing Ratio Among The Existing Partners 

Chapter-5: Admission Of A Partner 

Chapter-6: Retirement and 
Of A Partner 

Chapter-7: Dissolution Of A Partnership Firm 

Volume 2 

Chapter-1: Issue of Share capital 

Chapter-2: Issue of debentures 

Chapter-3: Redemption of debentures 

Volume 3 

Chapter-1: Financial statement of a company 

Chapter-2: Financial statement of a analysis 

Chapter-3: Tools of analysis of financial statement